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ACTEX eLearning Webinar: Negotiation for Actuaries and Insurance Professionals [On-Demand]
Author: Fende
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ACTEX Learning Presents:

ACTEX eLearning Webinar:
Negotiation for Actuaries and Insurance Professionals


Co-Sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries

1.8 SOA/EA CPD, CAS CE Credits/Training Hours
This is a potential source of 1.5 hours of CPD for the Canadian Institute of Actuaries
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While the actuarial profession may never be featured on primetime TV for high drama, we do face our share of critical negotiation.  From regulators to underwriters, supervisors to subordinates, peers to outside consultants, we must navigate situations that require us to convince others to follow our lead, take our advice, or approve our findings.

While there are many resources available that cover negotiation, they don’t specifically address the actuarial profession.  We face a variety of unique challenges, including the need to convey results of heavy technical analysis, effectively communicate with an audience that often thinks differently, and walk a tightrope of competing interests.

This session will explore effective negotiation for actuaries, delivered by an actuary with 23 years of experience, spanning corporate, consulting, and investment banking.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Reframe negotiation to reduce stress, improve relationships, shorten timeframes, and achieve resolution
  • Learn the general principles of effective negotiation for actuaries
  • Discover how to apply intracompany negotiation tactics in an actuarial career with:
    1. Superiors
    2. Peers / Teammates
    3. Subordinates
  • How to apply these principles to external business negotiation in common actuarial scenarios
  • Explore a case study on effective negotiation with a regulator

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

Any actuary or financial professional interested in improving their negotiation skills

Presenter: Nicole Fende, ASA

Nicole Fende, aka The Numbers Whisperer®, began her career as an actuarial student at Aetna over 20 years ago. She’s had the opportunity to work in health and life insurance, attaining Chief Financial Officer status before age 30. First in a corporate role, then later as an investment banker based in Hong Kong, Ms. Fende worked on both the buy side and sell side of deals. These deals include working with the largest bank in Indonesia, a health care company valued at over 500 million dollars, and the largest insurer in the world at the time of the transaction. No stranger to wrangling with regulators, Ms. Fende has worked effectively with domestic and international agencies.  In The Philippines, she was able to negotiate the fast track approval of a new type of life insurance product. 

Today she focuses her attention on assisting entrepreneurs effectively price their products and services, manage their finances, and plan for future growth. Ms. Fende is also President of Small Business Finance Forum, LLC.

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