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ACTEX eLearning Webinar: Python for Actuaries: Introduction to Data Analysis [On-Demand]
Author: Webster
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ACTEX Learning Presents:

ACTEX eLearning Webinar:
Python for Actuaries: Introduction to Data Analysis

Co-Sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries

1.8 SOA/EA CPD, CAS CE Credits/Training Hours
This is a potential source of 1.5 hours of CPD for the Canadian Institute of Actuaries

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According to a 2016 KDnuggets poll, Python is the second most used Analytics and Data Science Software next to R and is experiencing double-digit growth in usage among data scientists.**  Unlike R, Python is a general-purpose programming language demonstrating advanced capabilities separate from analytics and data science, such as application programming interface (API) and website development. 

This webinar provides an introduction to the data analysis and manipulation capabilities of Python.  The advantages and disadvantages of Python programming will be covered as well as how to integrate with Excel.  All data analysis is done within the context of analyzing healthcare claims data files common to actuarial work.

Learning Objectives

  1. Introduce the actuary to the Python programming environment
  2. Provide background on the advantages and disadvantages of the Python programming language versus other common actuarial programming languages
  3. Offer general guidance as to why an Actuary would choose to program a project in Python
  4. Introduce the Python Data Analysis library – Pandas. Demonstrate how to:
    1. Easily read and write to a variety of data files
    2. Initialize and populate Data Frames
    3. Manipulate Data Frames to automate standard data operations including filtering, merging, aggregating and mapping
    4. Automate pivot table generation with only one line of Pandas code
    5. Read and write to Excel

Who Should Take this Course?

  • Actuaries who have heard about Python but don’t know how it is different from other software tools or where to start
  • Actuaries looking to automate common data operations
  • Actuaries looking for employment in technology-focused jobs such as InsurTech

**“R, Python Duel As Top Analytics, Data Science Software" – KDnuggets 2016 Software Poll Results


Andrew M. Webster, M.S., ASA, MAAA

Please take a moment to read Andrew's story in the ACTEX Blog: "How Python Saved My Company"

Founder, actuary and licensed broker at Validate Health, a member company of the HealthTech incubator MATTER in Chicago, IL.  Validate Health provides cloud-based actuarial analytics and reinsurance procurement services to Accountable Care Organizations.  

Andrew is also webmaster and predictive analytics track lead at the Chicago Actuarial Association, mentor for the Society of Actuaries non-traditional internship program and co-organizer of the Chicago InsurTech Meetup.

Andrew has been writing Python code since 2008 when he was employed as a software programmer at a leading Electronic Medical Records software company.  He has used Python to scrape websites for data, automate data migrations, perform data analytics, fit statistical models and write website applications.  His company, Validate Health, was named one of twelve Python-based companies selected for the 2016 PyCon Startup Row.  Andrew believes that Python will be a valuable skill for Actuaries to master for future employment in emerging InsurTech jobs.

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